The Association for Applied Statistics (ASA) groups together members, some of whom constituted the association facing the notary and others admitted afterword.
ASA aims at achieving scientific and cultural targets; any profit-making business is excluded. The main Association’s aim is to improve the statistical methodology and the practical recourse to statistics through:
-Publication of monographs, book series, and  periodicals aimed to develop applied statistics, that is statistical issues that are useful for the rapresentation and causal analysis of the real-world phenomena and also applications of statistics that, through quantitative analysis of social, productive and natural phenomena, unveil exemplar models of the concrned phenomena
-Promotion and organization of training or updating courses and of conferences, workshops and other scientific events on topics related to statistics and its applications.
The Association is the owner of the scientific journal ‘Statistica Applicata – Italian Journal of Applied Statistics’
ISSN: 1125-1964 (print version)
ISSN 2038-5587 (electronic version)